Consult with Permaculturist Riley Matthews of MOTHER MANA HEALING ARTS and learn how to create a beautiful, functional landscape that requires minimum inputs and offers maximum rewards, including food production and greater self-sufficiency.

Riley will meet with you on-site and walk your property with you.  She will make observations and ask specific questions to determine what design strategies would best be suited for your yard.


Rough sketches and notes will be provided when appropriate  --Consult includes an information booklet and a small plant from Every Living Thing Nursery to get your garden started.

Riley has a degree is Sustainable Living from Maharishi University of Management and has been studying and practciing Permaculture for close to a decade--receiving her first Permaculture Design Certificate in 2011 from Permaculture Institution, USA. 

She has worked on Organic Farms and homesteads througout the U.S. and designed and develoved her own quarter acre food forest and urban homestead in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  

The founder of CSF she is currently transforming a 3/4 acre yard in Gulfport, Florida into an edible landscape through a gift economy  

Community members are invited to partake in immersive learning by taking tours or helping out.

Riley can be reached at:  813-468-0598

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