​By fostering symbiotic relationships and providing educational content and opportunities for hands-on learning, The Community Supported Foodscapes Project is helping people  throughout Tampa Bay transform their lawns into edible landscapes.   


The mission of The CSF Project is to redesign our Local Foodscape(s) while strengthening communal bonds and helping people to create intrinsically rewarding, regenerative lifestyles.  --By coming together as a community, we can bypass some of the the economic barriers, time constraints, and physical limitations that often get in the way of this.


How does all this work?


* EDUCATIONAL CONTENT:  Permaculture Designer & Placemaker Riley Matthews is working through a gift economy  to convert a 3/4 acre lawn in Gulfport, Florida into an edible landscape.  --This process is being documented and made freely available via educational videos and blog posts.


* HANDS-ON LEARNING:  As Riley designs and installs the various elements of the landscape, community members are invited to tour the property and/or join in on the fun.  This project provides an opportunity for immersive, hands-on learning.  --The hope is that people will take the knowledge they acquire, share it with others, and apply it to their own yards..   


In addition to this, bi-weekly Perma-Blitzes are held at the homes of various CSF members. --A Perma-Blitz is an event where a group of people come together to knock-out a big gardening project all at once.   These events provide opportunities for meeting new people and learning new skills while fostering community.


* SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIPS:  CSF members are encouraged to share information and resources with one another.  There is a CSF Facebook Group to facilitate these exchanges. -- Perma-Blitzes also support this function.


* INTRINSICALLY REWARDING LIFESTYLES:    --The more of our needs we are able to meet through community, and without money, the less time we have to spend earning money.  Ultimately, this means more freedom to pursue those things that are in-line with our values, ethics and interests---things which are intrinsically rewarding.  


Every single person that becomes involved in this project will have their own unique gifts and skill sets to share.


--When we nurture and support those around us, we will find ourselves treated in kind (even if indirectly). As much as this project is about transforming foodscapes, it is about proving that concept.

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