When and why did you become interested in edible landscaping / growing your own food?

I was first introduced to the concept of edible landscaping when I took a class in Permaculture as part of my studies in Sustainable Living at Maharishi University of Management (2010 -2012) 


Becoming acquainted with the ethics and design principles of Permaculture--including "Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share" and "Work with Nature instead of against it"was a game changer for me.  At some point during that 6 week immersive course, I had the epiphany that Humans are a species uniquely suited to be stewards and  care takers of the Earth, and yet we are doing just the opposite. 


From that point on I knew that I wanted to live my life in SERVICE of life. --I believe that acquiring, sharing, and implementing knowledge of how to sustainably and ethically feed oneself is essential to that.  --Growing food, and creating beautiful outdoor spaces is also fun and therapeutic.

What does your ideal local foodscape look like?

Wouldn't if be great if at least one household on each block replaced their grass with Fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, and/or plants for pollinators and native wildlife? I would love to live in a community where that was a reality. --Where people taking responsibility for meeting at least some of their own food needs was the norm, and not the exception.

What are you hoping to gain from / contribute to the CSF projet?

I am hoping to form meaningful connections with members of my community. --We all have unique gifts and skill sets and I am always looking for opportunities to grow and learn from those around me. As a certified permaculture designer with some experience under my belt (though I am no expert and still learning every day), I am happy to share what I know on the topic, and help others out when possible.

As the founder of the CSF project, I work with other group members to facilitate Perma-Blitzes, and also manage this site.