When and why did you become interested in growing your own food / edible landscaping?

I've always wanted a garden - the basics like tomatoes and zucchini and pumpkins. And FLOWERS. I have always wanted a "cottage garden" - it has a certain "je ne sais quoi". And I hate to care for grass...and grocery shop. And I love to cook. There is something very "romantic" about gathering food from your own garden and then cooking it for dinner that very night. And knowing where your food comes from rather than worrying about where it has been. And no pesticides. Organic.


I love interior design and have seen in magazines how others take it outside, creatively planting food in their front yards, for instance. I moved to FL 3 yrs ago and the weather just lends itself. I now have the time. And love noticing others' gardens when I walk the dog. Turning that purple thumb to GREEN. And I have come to LOVE working in the garden. Who needs a gym, lol? It's my time for me, it's nurturing, rewarding, and spiritual.

What is your overall vision for you property?

No grass! flowers, food, butterflies, and whimsy with little spots tucked away to read and visit. Mulch pathways; a "boardwalk" from pallets; succulents planted in shells. And enough fruits and vegetables to share! (I don't think chickens, given I have a dog...) And maybe some herbal medicine.

What are you hoping to gain from and/or contribute to the Community Supported Foodscapes group?

Happy to help others work in their garden; give cuttings/plants, as others have given to me; hope to put into practice what I learn along the way and hope to learn a lot as I am new to FL and to gardening; wouldn't mind a little help with special projects.

What do you find most challenging / rewarding about growing your own food?


Herbs seem to be a challenge; growing from seed has not been successful...yet. There is just a lot to learn about sun, water, feeding, symbiotic planting. I tend to take it all on at once, rather than start small with a plan.

What does your ideal local foodscape look like?

Pretty. It's pretty - it flows, and combines different heights and colors and fruits, veggies and flowers; not industrial; like a woodsy getaway, alive with birds, butterflies, ladybugs

Do you have any suggestions for activities that members of the CSF group might engage in together? If so, please share:

1. a garden potluck - all ingredients from our gardens

2. each person in group pick one small project and we all help get it done, thereby learning something new, and taking turns helping each other.

3.field trip to an organic farm, or nursery or botanic garden