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Updated: Mar 25

July 4th 2020, permaculturist Riley Matthews began installing phase 1 of a 3/4 acre edible landscape design, which includes a banana circle, a chicken run (to accommodate eight chickens, ) two large raised beds, and a small seven story garden containing eight fruit trees and numerous plant guilds. --This property is located in Gulfport, Florida.

Community members are invited to visit for a tour and/ or some hands-on immersive learning.

Phase 1 of the installation wrapped up in November, and Phase 2--construction of a large, backyard fish pond-- immediately began. Once that's complete, Riley will go to work on a 28 foot diameter meditation labyrinth and then start planting a second seven story garden (also known as a Food Forest) on the North end of the property.

See the short video below, for a "BEFORE" view of the property.

The mission of this project is to reimagine and positively transform our local foodscapes while strengthening communal bonds. Bi-monthly Perma-Blitzes hosted by various CSF members facilitate this by providing opportunities for meeting new people and learning new skills.

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